Sandy Reynaud

Travel Consultant

“It’s not people who shape travel, it’s travel that shapes people.”


I’ve had an overwhelming passion for travel ever since I can remember and have been fortunate to explore the world on many trips – both for business and pleasure. This enthusiasm has led me to fascinating landscapes, different cultures and indigenous populations. Several times, I’ve seized the opportunity to travel for several months at a time to experience our beautiful planet in all its splendour. I love to share my experiences with you and help you plan your next holiday travel project.

My World

Favorite Destinations
Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Finland, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Croatia, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Senegal, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Southern Turkey, Thailand, USA, United Kingdom
Travel Focus
Boutique Hotels, Club Med, Expedition Cruises, Honeymoon, Group travel, Luxury Cruises, Travel à la carte, Travel by rental car, Safaris, Beach Holidays, Hiking / Trekking, Water sports, Wellness
I am happy to advise you in
Französisch , English, Spanish

My journey around the world