The fine art of travelling

Unwind and enjoy exquisite service in a small and exclusive 5-star resort in Mauritius, dive alongside colourful fish in the fascinating underwater world of the Maldives, embark on a guided or unaccompanied tour and push limits as you venture into the unknown, encounter the “Big Five”on safari in South Africa and be pampered by a private chef, indulge in luxury in one of the world’s best hotels in Dubai or travel the oceans on one of the world’s largest sailing ships? Be inspired – SIGNATURE TRAVEL has its finger on the travel pulse and knows the most beautiful and exclusive spots on the planet.

Round trips

Discover the world on your own, marvel, enjoy and gain new experiences. On an individual round trip, you set the pace and stop where it suits you best. Whether on foot, in a rental car, on a ship or in a flight. Discover something new at every road junction. Exotic cultures in Asia, spectacular natural treasures in Australia, imposing fjords in the Far North, the wildlife of Africa Africa or exotic island worlds in the South Seas. Encounter unique flora and fauna on all continents of this earth and don't forget: explorers become explorers in the open air. SIGNATURE TRAVEL will put together an individual round trip tailored to your needs.

Family holidays

Splash and have fun, make new friends in the kids' club and forget about time. Build sandcastles, play on the beach, dive, snorkel, feast at the buffet and extend the eventful holiday days deep into the night. Dancing and laughing in the children's disco. Discovering cultural sights on a family excursion, strolling through picturesque towns, shopping, eating ice cream and sinking tired and happy into a cosy hotel bed in the evening. When the children are well looked after, parents have plenty of time for togetherness. A moment of peace on the beach, a soothing spa stay, a round of golf, a tennis match or a romantic candlelight dinner. SIGNATURE TRAVEL offers a wide range of hotels for unforgettable family holidays that will delight young and old alike. Let SIGNATURE TRAVEL organise your dream family holiday.

Beach Holidays

Unwind in a 5-star hotel, feel cared for and secure by the first-class service, relax in the sun and daydream, take a few laps in the private infinity pool or play a round of golf. SIGNATURE TRAVEL knows the most beautiful locations for luxurious relaxation, hotspots for culinary delights and picturesque bays to discover. Let yourself be whisked away to the colourful island world of the Caribbean, the colourful underwater world of the Indian Ocean, the pure luxury of the South Seas, the exoticism of Asia or the family-like Mediterranean hospitality. The variety of SIGNATURE TRAVEL offers knows no bounds. Let us find the destination perfectly suited to your needs.

Family holidays

Small, fine jewels, luxurious metropolises and never-ending big cities. Discover the world on a city trip, stroll through unknown alleys, take a break in a street café, meet people, shop extensively. Stroll through galleries, visit exhibitions and discover sights. Experience a dazzling evening at the opera, the theatre or a musical. Dinner in a starry restaurant, dancing in a private club, sleeping under the stars, dreaming in a four-poster bed. It doesn't matter whether you are going to the other side of the world or to one of Europe's metropolises. The SIGNATURE TRAVEL range of city breaks includes luxurious 5-star hotels and exclusive boutique hotels, a wide-ranging package for your Perfect Days.


Endless expanses and a gentle sea breeze in your hair, all-round service and a new place to discover every day - all without packing your suitcase every day - the luxury of a cruise. Enjoy the comfort of relaxing days on the high seas. The varied entertainment programme on board, with shows, theatre and sport, offers a wide range of ways to pass the time. A family cruise in the Mediterranean, varied tropical beaches in the Caribbean or broadening your horizons on an expedition cruise. SIGNATURE REISEN's range of offers includes them all. Luxurious cruises on smaller ships, adventures on imposing sailing vessels all over the world, exotic destinations in Asia as well as expeditions on the Hurtigrute, to the Arctic and Antarctic. Let yourself be inspired by the exquisite SIGNATURE REISEN offers.