Laurent Ney

Head of Agency

“To stand still is to exist, to travel is to live.” – Gustave Nadaud


I was fortunate to be able to explore Southeast Asia at a very young age with my parents when we were living in Singapore; and this is when I really got bitten by the travel bug. It soon became clear what my future career would be! I’m fascinated by Japan and its cultural contrasts, by southern Africa and its wildlife, by South America and its civilisations, by Iceland and its stunning landscapes, but also by the islands in the Indian Ocean and Tahiti with its breathtaking lagoons. All these unique experiences have allowed me to share my passion for travel with my clients, every day for 25 years and counting.

My World

Favorite Destinations
Bolivia, Botswana, Chile, Finland, India, Iceland, Japan, Canada, Kenya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Peru, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, USA
Travel Focus
Boutique Hotels, Club Med, Expedition Cruises, Family Club, Family Holidays, Mountain Holidays, Honeymoon, Luxury Cruises, Travel à la carte, Travel by rental car, Safaris, City breaks, Diving / Snorkelling, Hiking / Trekking, Wellness, Motorhomes
I am happy to advise you in
German, English, French, Spanish

My journey around the world