Marine Martin Leon

Marine Màrtin Leòn

Co-Head of Agency

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is deadly." - Paulo Coelho


For me, the first pleasure of travel is to discover the world with a different eye at each departure. A luxury hotel, a tree house, a boat in the middle of the jungle, as a couple, as a family, the destination is beautiful when you can let yourself be carried by the moment and the opportunity.

As an expert in cruises for several years and in parallel, as a travel guide on all continents, I have been lucky enough to travel the world on both private and professional trips. I also travel almost every year to Peru to visit my family-in-law.

My favourite moments? The moments when we take the time to sit and look only at what is around us. To imagine the destinies of all these people, their lives, their desires, their sorrows, everything that makes up the world, and to let yourself be lulled to the rhythm of a culture from which you borrow a few moments, a few days, a few weeks…

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Favorite Destinations
Egypt, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, India, Italy, Croatia, Cuba, Morocco, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Polynesia, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Southeast Asia, Southern Turkey, Thailand, Tunisia, USA, Usbekistan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Travel Focus
Boutique Hotels, Club Med, Expedition Cruises, Family Club, Family Cruises, Group travel, Good Food, Culinary Tours, Cultural Tours, Luxury Cruises, Nature / Eco-Lodges, Travel à la carte, Travel by rental car, Safaris, Beach Holidays, Hiking / Trekking, Water sports
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